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    Beckley Ranked 9th Worst City In America To Raise Child


    Beckley, West Virginia has been ranked one of the worst cities in America to raise a child. According to an online site, 24/7 Wall Street, Beckley was ranked the 9th worst city out of 25 cities. 

    “Some of the Beckley schools maybe need a little bit of improvement,” said Joyce Young, a Raleigh County grandparent. 

    However, a Raleigh County parent, Jeff Shumate would disagree with this report. Shumate added, “Southern West Virginia is very community based and it is very supportive as far as that goes, which is very helpful in raising children. Also, it is very faith based, we are part of the Bible Belt, there is a lot of religious strengths here, which also goes towards positives of raising kids here in Beckley.”

    The website, 24/7 Wall Street came up with this conclusion after looking into the quality of the school system and the percentage of violent crimes. 

    WOAY did try reaching out to the Raleigh County Superintendent as well as the assistants, but unfortunately they were not able to comment on the report. 

    However, State Board Of Education member and former principle of Woodrow Wilson High School, Miller Hall was able to comment through a phone interview. 

    “This is outside of school, I think Beckley with some of the older kids in the city, seems to have a little more crime. I don’t think it is inside the walls of those schools because we have programs, we have policies dealing with negative behaviors. But, I think outside of those schools in the city as a whole, I think you are finding young adults that either dropped out of school or are not in school anymore that are creating more valid issues,” said Hall.

    The site also reported that having a healthy lifestyle is difficult for kids in Beckley because of the limited access to parks and recreation centers.