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    Documentary Tells Story of WV’s Mothman


    POINT PLEASANT– Legends of the appalachia’s mothman have been told for years by both locals and Hollywood, but this June an award -winning film company will put their own stamp on the story.

    “Small Town Monsters” began filming “The Mothman of Point Pleasant” back in September and we now have a first look via an eerie trailer.

    The documentary film aims to retell the mothman legend through the eyes of eyewitness testimony and the perspective of Point Pleasant citizens.

    The mothman was first sighted in 1966 until the collapse of the bridge connecting West Virginia and Ohio in 1967. The thirteen month span of sightings will be featured in addition to the story behind the infamous mothman.

    More information will be available closer to the documentary’s release, and a Kickstarter campaign to finish post production on the film will begin on February second.



    Rachel Ayers

    Rachel Ayers started as a multi-media journalist at WOAY in October of 2015. She then moved to evening anchor in September of 2016. Read More