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    Governor Justice and the crocodile comments


    CHARLESTON, WV (BY: BRAD MCELHINNY, WV METRONEWS) — In short order, Gov. Jim Justice has become known for extended metaphors he uses when he speaks.

    Dogs enter almost every conversation. He’s talked about rattleshakes. He’s described a student walking around with a raccoon. He’s talked about mayonnaise sandwiches and nothingburgers.

    On Wednesday, as the governor spoke to the House of Delegates, the imagery was a crocodile.

    Justice used the metaphor to describe the difficult situation the state finds itself in. Somehow, popular chain restaurants also became part of the discussion, apparently as a way to encourage lawmakers to worry about the trouble at hand.

    “You’ve got your leg jammed down a crocodile’s mouth, and absolutely you’re trying to figure out whether you’re going to Wendy’s or Applebee’s tonight,” Justice said.

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