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    Hinton Brings Out Local Talent for Good Cause


    HINTON– Each yer the town of Hinton calls on their talented residents to help them raise money for a good cause.

    Laura Lilly with the Hinton Hope Foundation says, “The Hinton Hope Foundation gives back to the community. We’ve done over 30 events in the last three years. We’ve done back to school events, veterans events, police officer events, just anything to give back to community. This is our biggest event every year. What we do with these donations is we give college scholarships to Summers County High School Seniors.”

    Hinton’s Got Talent is an annual fundraiser put on by the Hinton Hope Foundation to not only help the local high school seniors who receive the scholarships, but also the town of Hinton as a whole.

    “We want folks that have moved away to come back. We want to build up our economy. A lot of organizations and business owners have done a lot to revitalize this town so we want to continue along with that. The hope is the seniors will go off to college hopefully in the state of West Virginia and use those funds that have been given to them and move back to Hinton and help to continue along with the revitalization project.”

    If you come out to this weeknd’s event you can expect to see winners from past years as well as an array of fresh new talent.

    “We have 12 acts. We have young lady that will do a ballet dance, a fiddle player, a band of about six members and then other just single singing acts.”

    And if all of that isn’t enough to convince you to come out, Newswatch’s Rachel Ayers will be one of the judges. so go online to hintonhope.com and reserve your tickets now because this show for a great cause is all doable on a tank of gas.



    Rachel Ayers

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