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    Senate Resolution Would Declare Pornography a “Public Health Crisis”


    CHARLESTON– Twelve republican senators have introduced a resolution that would declare pornography a “public health crisis.”

    Introduced Thursday, Senate Concurrent Resolution 29 says pornography leads to a range of negative public health effects and societal harm.

    The resolution asks the legislature to declare pornography a public health crisis and to recognize the need for education, prevention, research and policy change to address the “pornography epidemic that is harming the people of West Virginia and the nation.”

    The resolution said technology advancements have led to children being exposed to pornography at earlier ages, saying the average age of exposure is now 11 to 12 years old.

    The resolution also said pornography has the potential to be “biologically addictive” and can lead to younger men not wanting to get married, or can lead to dissatisfaction in marriage and infidelity.

    The resolution was sent to the senate committee on health and human resources.



    Rachel Ayers

    Rachel Ayers started as a multi-media journalist at WOAY in October of 2015. She then moved to evening anchor in September of 2016. Read More