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    Shady Springs Home Goes Up In Flames Late Tuesday Night


    A Shady Springs home went up in flames late Tuesday night,  and it all happened while the family was home.


    “I was about to take a shower in the bathroom when I see up where the fan is for the bathroom.. that it had caught on fire. Then those wires that were on fire were falling on to the floor. So I got my mom, and I yelled at her to make sure she got out of the house, and I took the dogs over to the neighbor’s house, and she preceded to call 911,” Nicholas Hicks told us.

    Various fire departments from Raleigh County were on the scene, as quick as they could, trying to battle the flames.

    “It just took them a long time to get here. If they would’ve come right when we called, we probably could’ve saved something. But I guess that’s part of living out here. I guess we lost everything,” said Kathy Hicks, the home owner.

    But the fire spread too quickly.

    “It was in the attic, and once a fire gets in the attic… it’s hard to stop. It’s hard when it’s in the attic,” Lindsey Morrison, from the Ghent Fire Department, explained.

    Thankfully no one was hurt and everyone got out safely.

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    Rebecca Fernandez

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